Who are we?

Skane Group B.V is a family owned trading company, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that specializes in the production, import, export and brokerage service of agricultural and food products. Since its foundation in 2011, its focus has been to increase its integration towards the origin of its products. Therefore, Skane Group B.V also finances the production and processing of sister companies in Venezuela, Panama and Argentina.

With extensive knowledge in logistics and quality, the Skane Group BV team is active in different parts of the world including 4 continents, which provides them with accurate and timely information on the international market.

Our connections to the field and commercial relationships with producers have created a wide and reliable network which allows us to offer the best quality and prices to customers around the world..

Our main features

Experience with dynamic customer demand

Our customer base goes from large to small companies, distribution channels, supermarkets, among others, which are all equally important to us.

Customer service

At Skane, each customer is different and therefore, deserves customize attention. Thus, our team is always receptive to any of their concerns.

Skane Group

A forceful and constant growth allows us to be active all over the world

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